Hello, over the last few years i been writing on a few places around the internet whenever i had a decent topic, but the more i wrote and published into the websites i realized that i needed my own place to write, so i finally decided to find and define my own place for writing and expressing myself, as you may already be aware of, yes my blog, wordpress or whatever you may call it are about gaming, i tend to write everything from short to fairly long articles about some of the more obscure games and game related topics, while i won’t let that affect what i write here, i want to express myself about gaming in general and throw a few reviews in here once in a while, however because i tend to think of topics worthwhile to write about, i may not write and publish something new everyday, i want to write about what matters, and not write for the sake of writing.

This is the true beginning of my journey, i am pleased to be here.

Thanks for reading.